Saturday, 1 February 2014

Round Slings

The material for Power Tex Round Sling is Poly Aramid Fiber 

The Aramid Material has a high resistance against chemicals combined with a very high cut and abrasion resistance, leading to an excellent performance product.

Aramid is a World's strongest fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight.

Aramid is a synthetic / manmade material that is used for making easy to handle large capacity lifting slings that are flexible, lighter weight and much more compact than polyester slings;

Though these lifting slings are expensive to purchase they start to re-pay their original extra cost as soon as they are put into the work place lifting expensive heavy loads (without causing damage to the goods) with productivity and time savings all achievable due to the compact, light weight and easy to handle properties of the sling.

Aramid slings don’t absorb water and therefore they are particularly suitable for use offshore as used by shipping and the oil and gas industries.